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it looks like they have changed their product name from taximobility to http://www.tagmytaxi.com/

Tagmytaxi is the same scam as http://www.taximobility.com/

they have scammed me out of $6000 and they will do the same to you.

beware of taximobility , tagmytaxi or any thing that comes from ndot technologies.

they are liers and they will steal from you,

during sales process they will promise you anything you want but once you have made a payment, thats when they will start to ask for more money and refuse to acknowladge the promisses they have made on the phone.

so all in all, if you want to lose your money then by all means go ahead and pay them but if you value your sanity and money then do not be suckered in to their promise,

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I have spent over $30,000 and I still didn't get the app right.my app name is TickTock and it's on app store.

it crashes all the time and I could never get Locations right in the pickup address, they took money from me to develop it exclusively and then they try to sell it to my competitor telling him not to contact me but just to double check my app on app store, but he was too smart to not buy it instead he called me and confirmed that Taximobility made it for me. I was speechless.

Anyway.this company is a scam, they belong to South India not California, they have some Indian guys home address in US and they are using it same in Australia they are using skype phone line and claiming they have office, which they don't.

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